What Is Google Meet Android App

Google’s Meet Android app is getting its first major update in the form of an Android app, reports TechCrunch. Meet, as the full title appears in the App Store list, is supposed to be a business-oriented version of Google’s existing Hangouts platform.

It comes with a built-in Google Meet Bot that combines with Google Calendar and Google Meet to set up meetings with anyone you want.

And, every time you make a new appointment in the Google Calendar, you’ll get a Hangouts link to jump straight into the call. Google’s Meet is free for anyone with a Gmail address, so if have a Gmail id then you can easily join or create meetings.

If you use Google Calendar to create a new event and add a single person, Google Meet will automatically create and share an invitation.

If you create another event at a later date, you can also add video conferencing with Google Meet. Calendar apps for Android and iOS as well as Google’s Meet app for iOS and Android.

If you want to use Google Meet on a mobile device instead of a computer, the free app is available for download. This feature is now fully available on Android and you can access it by updating the Google Meeting app from the PlayStore.

Download Google Meet For Android

The Google Meters and the Push Talk extension require permission to only grant access to the Google Meet website, which can only be accessed from the Google website.

The second requirement is that you do not support membership of a Google account in the mobile app and that you must be able to use a web browser to make Meet calls.

To take advantage of the full range of Meet features, go to the App Store or Google Play, install the app, and log in with your Google account required for membership.

Then tap the Google Meet icon to add a video meeting, select an existing thread, and select “New thread,” then tap “Meetings” to generate meeting details.

In the Meet mobile app on your computer, simply tap the meeting code you use and go to Google Meeting. You can say on your phone that you have entered a “meeting code,” but this way you can click on “meeting” without generating any meeting detail.

Remember that you must allow Google Meet to access the camera and microphone of your phone or computer when you set it up. Otherwise, the program will not work properly and you will need to disable it.

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